Wednesday, 16 December 2015

New UN Report on Future of Enterprise Zones

A report on the future of Enterprise Zones is launched by the United Nations this week. These zones are popular with some governments, from India to the UK, but they aren’t without criticism, in terms of what they achieve for sustainable development. The report maps out a new way forward where zones can be centres of excellence in corporate sustainability.

IFLAS Founder Professor Bendell co-wrote the report, and is grateful to Dr Tony Miller at UNCTAD and also Vice Chancellor Peter Strike and colleagues at the University of Cumbria for enabling him to do this work.

Professor Bendell wrote an article for the World Economic Forum which summarises the arguments in the UN reportYou can download the report here (pdf). 


The launch of the report is mentioned in a round up of the last Quarter, to conclude the year. Click here to read the full Quarterly from Prof Bendell.

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