Tuesday, 1 September 2015

New Directorship of IFLAS

Letter to colleagues, from Professor Jem Bendell, founder of the Institute. 
Windermere, Sept 1st 2015

I'm pleased to announce that Dr Caroline Rouncefield takes over as our Acting Director from September 1st. Caroline is an experienced researcher and educator in applied social psychology and Head of the Department of Business, Law & Social Sciences at the University of Cumbria.

I now step down as director to focus more on the research, teaching and public engagement. As Professor of Sustainability Leadership with the University, in a part-time capacity, I will work remotely but attend the University regularly. 

It has been an incredible opportunity to conceive and develop the Institute and see it grow over almost 3 years. I’m pleased that the credit-bearing programmes are growing and the ethos of the Institute resonates with key stakeholders, as we attract more people into our network of engaged scholars and reflective practitioners.  Our recent research festival was an amazing success and our future public events programme continues to be engaging. I'm already looking forward to the reunion of festival goers and our students during the Spring School we are running in April 2016.

Dr Rouncefield will work with my colleagues Dr David Murphy (Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director), Philippa Chapman (Institute Manager), Martin Pyrah (IFLAS Administrator), Dr Grace Hurford (Senior Lecturer) and Chris Bell (Administrative Officer). Academic partnerships in business will continue to be headed by Dr Raye Ng. Business development will continue to be enabled by Sarah Stables, Paul Armstrong, Elaine Flowers, and Rachel Lowthian. We also welcome Sandy Ryder and Tony Randall into the teaching team. We will also continue to benefit from an active advisory board, who met recently at the Festival and were introduced to Dr Rouncefield.
If you are not already engaged in the Institute’s social networks, I recommend joining the Sustainable Leaders linked in group. You can keep up to date with my activities via my Quarterly Bulletin.

I look forward to working with colleagues and partners to further the mission of the Institute to be a global hub of inquiry, dialogue and education on leadership towards a fair and sustainable world. 

Dr Jem Bendell
Professor of Sustainability Leadership
Founder of IFLAS, University of Cumbria

I'll be focusing more on developing the ideas and practice of sustainable leadership development, connected to some of the ideas we explored at the Leading Wellbeing Festival. 

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