Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Impasse in Leadership Scholarship

Books on leadership are flying off the shelves and managers are flying in to leadership courses around the world. Is this helping them, their organisations and wider society? Or might some of the advice and training do more harm than good?
More research on leadership is exposing some of the limiting assumptions of mainstream ideas and teaching on leadership and its development. This is coming to be known as “Critical Leadership Studies” (CLS).
IFLAS Founder, Professor Jem Bendell, presented a summary of CLS and what it could mean for non-Western scholarship and training at the Lead in Asia conference in Indonesia on Jan 21st. He wrote the paper with Richard Little of Impact International and Dr Neil Sutherland of Bristol Business School. 
You can download the pdf here: Leadership ImpasseSome of the leadership courses at IFLAS draw upon these ideas, including the PGC in Sustainable Leadership and the new MA in Sustainable Leadership DevelopmentFeedback welcomed, especially via the Sustainable Leaders group on LinkedIn.

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