Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Stimulating ideas on sustainable leadership

Recently IFLAS has been promoting discussion on sustainable leadership through a series of articles by Professor Jem Bendell.

"Financial technology start-ups need power of the EU behind them" appeared in the Daily Telegraph business pages, to bring attention to how regulators can help or hinder innovations in finance and technology with social implications.

"How can we fund the Sustainable Development Goals?" appeared on the World Economic Forum's website, to stimulate discussion on the need to align rules for capital markets with the need for heavy investment in achieving the climate and sustainability goals adopted by member states of the UN last year.

"Our Planet Needs a Purposeful Private Sector, confirms UN" appeared in the Huffington Post to invite discussion on why and how the capital markets can support companies that seek to achieve public goals as well as private profit.

"Does capitalism need some Marxism to survive the Fourth Industrial Revolution?"  appeared on the World Economic Forum website to trigger discussion on what a fresh approach to economic governance could involve in light of digitisation and automation.

All of these articles connect with the more radical political economy agenda that Professor Bendell, in his book Healing Capitalism, invites the corporate sustainability profession and academe to engage with.

"Carry on Flying: why activists should take to the skies" appeared in OpenDemocracy, to stimuate discussion on what authenticity means for sustainability professionals. It triggered a range of responses.

We welcome your thoughts on the issues raised in these articles, via posting in the Sustainable Leaders LinkedIn group

To discuss these ideas in a learning context with expert peers, then please consider our Sustainable Leadership course, 6 days in the English Lake District, starting September 9th.    

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