Monday, 12 September 2016

Leading Wellbeing in Rural Contexts - Hold the Date!

Leading Wellbeing in Rural Contexts - ONE DAY CONFERENCE

Organised jointly by the Brathay Trust and University of Cumbria

HOLD THE DATE - 1st November 2016, Ambleside

The marquee - Leading Wellbeing Festival 2015
 There are unique challenges posed when leading wellbeing in rural contexts. For example; providers (public and third sector, or volunteers) are more professionally isolated and need to work differently; transport and electronic connectivity is more limited, in some cases meaning emergency support is challenging; travel distances to health and care providers are greater, particularly to specialist services. Supporting wellbeing in this context is a multi-stakeholder agenda, with many of us leading initiatives and services, both independently and in multi-agency arrangements or networks. Further, community involvement and broad stakeholder engagement are critical.

This one day conference turns the spotlight onto these unique challenges, as well as providing a forum for exploring responses and opportunities. The conference showcases good practice case studies from cross-sector contexts, including health, the voluntary and charitable sector and uniform services. A framework developed by the Cumbria Rural Health Forum will help us explore diverse practices, in order to draw out generalizable responses and learning for common challenges in rural contexts. These include access, community engagement and resource mobilisation. This will lead to Open Space discussions to ensure critical themes provide important learning to take away for wider sharing and application. This aims to contribute to an emerging rural cross-sector forum for ongoing networking, resources and communication.

Rowing on Windermere - Leading Wellbeing Festival 2015

We are hoping that academics, practitioners and students from across the University will be interested in joining the day and that academics will share details of the conference with partners (see attached email)
So, please do ‘save the date’ and join us in Ambleside on the 1st of November. We will be circulating more details about the day before the end of the month.
Best regards

Dr Lucy Maynard, Brathay Trust, Professor Alison Marshall, CACHET,  Dr Caroline Rouncefield, Department of Business, Law, Policing and Social Sciences, and Phil Chapman, IFLAS.

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