Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Cumbria University at Brantwood

This week Richard Little will give his first lecture as a Visiting Professor with the University of Cumbria. He will draw upon the intellectual icons of the Lake District, both famous and semi forgotten, to explore current trends in the world of work (and capitalism). We will be hosted at the famous home of John Ruskin, in Coniston. More info here.

If you cant make it, then you can hear Prof Little again at our Poetics of Leadership conference in the Lake District, where he will be joined by Prof Jonathan Gosling, Prof Jem Bendell, and many other practitioners and educators of leadership development from around the world. Info here.

Profs Bendell and Little will also be exploring leadership and its development in the face of global dilemmas, in our PGC course, starting with a 4 day residential after the conference. Which involves gazing without shrinking. Info here.

Picture: a permafrost crater in Siberia, caused by methane release.

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