Sunday 11 June 2023

Breaking Together – a freedom-loving response to collapse

Breaking Together – a freedom-loving response to collapse is published by Good Works. 

It is out in hardback, paperback, e-book, and audiobook. The paperback is directly available from the publisher in the UK

From the back cover:

“This is a prophetic book.”  Satish Kumar, founder, Schumacher College

This book shows that instead of imposing elitist schemes and scams, regenerating nature and culture together is the only way forward.” Dr Stella Nyambura Mbau, Loabowa Kenya

The collapse of modern societies has already begun. That is the conclusion of two years of research by the interdisciplinary team behind Breaking Together. How did it come to this? Because monetary systems caused us to harm each other and nature to such an extent it broke the foundations of our societies. So what can we do? This book describes people allowing the full pain of our predicament to liberate them into living more courageously and creatively. They demonstrate we can be breaking together, not apart, in this era of collapse. The author argues that reclaiming our freedoms is essential to soften the fall and regenerate the natural world. Escaping the efforts of panicking elites, we can advance an ecolibertarian agenda for both politics and practical action in a broken world.

A signpost for people made politically homeless by the craziness of the last few years.” Aaron Vandiver, author, Under a Poacher’s Moon. 

A new compass for navigating collapse.” Pablo Servigne and Raphael Stevens, authors, Another End of the World is Possible

“If you want to save some of the world but hate being told what to do, this book is for you.” Clare Farrell, co-founder, Extinction Rebellion 

You can listen to the introduction for free here.

1 Economic collapse
2 Monetary collapse
3 Energy collapse
4 Biosphere collapse
5 Climate collapse
6 Food collapse
7 Societal collapse
8 Freedom to know
9 Freedom from progress
10 Freedom from banking
11 Freedom in nature
12 Freedom to collapse and grow
13 Freedom from fake green globalists

It may seem the conclusions of the book are quite bold and contestable. So, to get a sense of the amount of research that has gone into the book, you can download a pre-released chapter on food system breakdown. Dr Katja Hujo from the UN endorsed that by explaining that my “paper (and forthcoming book) is a wake-up call that our global food systems are approaching global breakdown due to a number of interlinked hard trends, from biophysical limits of food production and climate change to growing demand and the destructive implications of our profit-oriented capitalist system. The application of interdisciplinary integrative analysis and the emphasis on economic, social, technological and ecological dimensions of the challenge ahead helps to grapple with the complexity of the issue and to avoid simplistic solutions. It is an analysis that motivates the reader to act at multiple fronts and critically engage with a topic that has a huge bearing on the future of humanity.”

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